Monday, May 09, 2011

Kay Bojesen's Wooden Toys by Rosendahl

Kay Bojesen’s wooden figures are timeless toys and classic Danish design. The perfect gift for a child, Kay Bojesen wooden toys by Rosendahl will last for generations, becoming a family keepsake to be treasured for decades.

Kay Bojesen was born in Copenhagen Denmark in 1886. At the age of twenty he went to work for famed Danish silversmith Georg Jensen. His early work was influenced by Georg Jensen’s style, but by the 1920s Bojesen’s signature style of clean, functional lines had emerged. In 1922 Kay Bojesen began designing wooden figures with moveable limbs. In 1934 he designed the wooden dog, a walnut dachshund. Throughout the 1930s and 1940s Kay Bojesen continued to design wooden animals as well as a rocking horse and Royal Guardsman. In 1951 his most famous piece was created, a wooden monkey made of teak and limba.

The Kay Bojesen monkey, which was recently featured in the New York Times, reflects Bojesen’s belief that his objects should have a life, blood and a heart. They should be tempting to touch and hold, and most of all, the lines should "smile."

Other animals were later released including a bear, elephant, hippo and rabbit. Since 1990 Danish company Rosendahl have been producing the wooden animals. Each one is handmade by wood craftsmen in Denmark and reflects the same outstanding quality craftsmanship and clean lines that Bojesen envisioned in his lifetime.

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  1. Kay Bojesen is fantastic - visit Danish Design Museum in Randers, Denmark or at facebook. They have world largest public collection of Kay Bojesen items.