Saturday, November 10, 2012

Time to light the kitchen fires

With a nip in the air and the smell of firewood burning as evening falls, the kitchen is a warm refuge. It's time to stock up for the winter holidays; are you ready? Thanksgiving and Christmas are great times to showcase beautiful Scandinavian design, and we've chosen five items to help make your kitchen the place to be in winter's darkness.

Rosendahl has been designing great value Danish house wear for over twenty years. This elegant bamboo serving tray looks great serving a warmed brie, a crudite platter, or cured salmon. The tray is made of bamboo which has natural anti-microbial properties, and the clean cut of this piece showcases the inherent beauty of the wood. Easy to clean and easy on the eyes, this piece deserves to be in your home.

From oven to table, this cast-iron dutch oven is beautiful to behold and a joy to use. Heavy cast-iron construction ensures even heating and easy braising, while the enameled interior is easy to clean. The elegant wooden handle functions both as a handle to carry the cassarole and as a lid holder to open the pot at serving time.

Klippan has been producing yarn and textiles in Sweden for over a hundred years, and we are happy to bring their line of functional and cheery dish cloths to you! Cheerily designed graphics and quality natural fibers will make these dish cloths part of your holiday celebration for years to come. More environmentally friendly than paper towels, ever kitchen should have a stack of these.

Another favorite from Danish designer Rosendahl, these beautiful red wine glasses are both elegant and affordable. High quality glass and a deep, wide bowl let you enjoy that special bottle. Beautiful enough for a festival feast, these wine glasses are strong enough for daily use.

A cold afternoon begs for a warm cup of tea, and this Danish designed tea pot delivers. A gorgeous piece on it's own, the tea ball is designed to easily be raised when brewing is finished to leave you with a pot of perfect tea. High quality glass, a stainless steel tea leaf holder and a food-grade silicon string ensure that your tea tastes just as it was intended.

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