Friday, November 22, 2013

5 Reasons We Love Textiles from Ekelund Weavers

The holidays present an opportunity to show our appreciation and care for the people we love. Great gifts come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and prices; they can be large and heavy—like a set of new golf clubs—or weightless and invisible—like an intimate conversation between family members. We think textiles from Ekelund Weavers represent the best of both worlds: made from the highest quality natural materials, these linens make a perfect gift for someone’s home or can be used to set the stage for a festive family dinner. 

Here are 5 reasons we love Ekelund Weavers:

1. Ekelund Weavers is one of the oldest textile companies still operating in the world

The company originated in 1692 in Horred, a village on Sweden’s southwest coast. All linens are still made on the premises of Ekelund’s first mill, imbuing every product with a sense of rich history and Scandinavian authenticity.

2. The first CEO of Ekelund Weavers was a woman. 

Marta Ingemarsdotter grew up on a farm and textile mill in Horred and quickly learned the family trade. As a young woman, she founded the company by manufacturing fine linens not only for her household, but also for local families, turning a profit and thereby founding Ekelund Weavers.

3. Ekelund Weavers is still family-owned and -operated.

Christer and Margereta Ekelund work together with their children, Per and Pia, and their nine young grandchildren to keep alive the weaving tradition and integrate innovative, youthful ideas into their business.

4. Ekelund Weavers linens are all made from the highest quality natural fibers and are personally checked after manufacture for imperfections.

Ekelund linens are all woven from cotton, linen, and/or bamboo viscose, sustainably harvested natural materials. Many Ekelund items sport an "eco-smart" logo, meaning they are made from organic natural fibers.

5. Ekelund Weavers produces something beautiful for everyone.

Whether you’re a modern design buff or an artistic traditionalist, Ekelund Weavers has just the thing for you. From tablecloths and tea towels to rugs and antibacterial dishcloths, Ekelund products fill every household niche. And their designs and patterns are incredibly vibrant and diverse, ranging from traditional Swedish motifs—such as the Dala horse, mischievous tomte, and Carl Larsson characters—to funky and minimal modern prints. And while Ekelund linens are woven on state-of-the-art computerized Jacquard mills, the textile patterns are generated using a process from 1805.

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