Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A visit to the Pappelina Mill in Sweden

A trip to see where Pappelina rugs are made starts with a train journey out of Stockholms Centralstation. The sleek regional train pulled out into the bright summer morning, the green suburbs of northern Stockholm quickly giving way to woodlands. After changing to a smaller train, and then yet a smaller train (with a few cups of strong Swedish coffee to keep us going), we arrived in the province of Dalarna. 

Lake Smalsjön, Dalarna

Pappelina has been making rugs here since shortly after Lina Rickardsson returned from studies in the US. Lina set out to create modern rugs with stylish designs that still incorporated traditional weaving techniques. As she developed her different styles of rugs, she stumbled upon something special -- using high-quality plastic ribbons, woven on traditional looms, she developed beautiful, durable, weatherproof rugs. 

As Pappelina expanded, they stayed true to Lina's original vision of a quality brand, manufactured in Sweden. All of the materials are sourced from the EU, and Pappelina ensures that everything they use is sustainably sourced. Pappelina rugs are manufactured in a family-owned mill in central Sweden, helping to keep this traditionally important craft alive in Dalarna. The result is delightful! We were given a tour of the weaving floor, and got to see the looms in action (now with computer assist, even for these old wooden looms!).

Weavers at work!

Thanks for the visit, Pappelina! 

These beautiful and durable rugs are all available at -- check them out online or in person at our store in the Pine Inn in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.

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