Friday, June 29, 2018

Brush Up on Iris Hantverk

The humble brush seems like the opposite of kitchen luxury, but hold a brush made by Iris Hantverk and you will understand that true value is in function. Iris Hantverk products are handmade in Sweden, by visually-impaired craftspeople -- an interesting twist from an interesting organization.

All of Iris Hantverk brushes are handmade.

The brushes are beautifully made: wooden handles, natural fiber bristles, all assembled with great care. Does it seem crazy to spend as much as a bottle of wine on a dish brush? It won’t once you start using it. The wooden handle and stiff (but not-too-stiff) horsehair bristles on the Long Handle Dish Brush make for easy cleaning of last night's leftovers or a bowl sticky with bread dough.

The Long Handled Dish Brush

We love how these brushes hold soap suds, making it easy to wash a whole sink of dishes without constant re-soaping. The Pan Scrubber has thick, stiff fibres drawn into an easy to hold wooden handle that removes baked-on residue from pans with ease, while the soft bristles of the Table Brush make removing crumbs from the table cloth or flour from the counter top a joy. Their sturdy Bench Scraper and delicate bristle Pastry Brush make handy kitchen partners to any baker.

Love baking? Love these kitchen helpers! From top: counter brush, pastry brush, bench scraper.

In addition to kitchen supplies, Iris Hantverk has a whole collection of brooms, brushes, and dustpans. All of their wet brushes will last for at least a year with a bit of care (all you have to do is lay them bristle down to dry when done with use) and their dry brushes and brooms will last a lifetime.

The original factory building as operated by De blindas förening

Iris Hantverk supports visually-impaired craftspeople by providing access to employment and training. A private company since 2012, it was formed from a cooperative that was supported by the Swedish government that started in 1870 under the name "De blindas förening". Iris Hantverk continues to enable artisans with sight-limitations to earn a living and practice a valuable craft.

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