Friday, August 17, 2018

Ekelund Weavers: A family affair

Textiles are not something that we consider on a daily basis -- but we should! Clothes last for at least a few seasons, sheets and towels in our closets last for years, blankets for decades; things that last years deserve some care in choosing. The best modern textiles blend artisanal craft methods with industrial processes than improve environmental sustainability and quality. While there are many examples of companies that do not hit that high bar, Ekelund Weavers from Sweden are a leader in the field.
Modern loom, traditional design, trusted values.

Ekelund has a tradition as a weaving family that dates back to 1540 -- over 450 years! While still in feudal times, there might have been some smuggling and black market trading organized by the Ekelund clan, but their company has developed as the most ecologically sustainable weavers in the world. As a modern Swedish mill, they employ the most environmentally-friendly practices and source the best natural fibers, grown in an eco-friendly manner by farmers that are paid a fair and just wage for their work.

Sustainable, environmentally friendly fibers are good for us, and for the next generations!

Ekelund also has a team of designers that continue to innovate and improve the artisanal weaving tradition they have inherited. From new weaving techniques that result in softer, more beautiful fabrics to modern designs that combine the best of Scandinavian design elements, the artistic talents of Ekelund weavers never lay quiet.

The real pleasure of purchasing textiles from Ekelund is in using the beautiful fabrics -- the kitchen towels and dish cloths make cleaning up pleasurable, their tablecloths dress up any meal, and soft, warm throws and pillows make every living room cozy. Check out our full selection at today!

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