Friday, December 04, 2015

Advent: Now It’s Time to Prepare!

Georg Jensen Season Candleholder

ferm LIVING Candle Holder
As you fly from North America to Copenhagen, a few hours out of Chicago it’s already the wee hours of the morning. The flight passes close to the southern tip of Iceland. In early December, it’s not uncommon to look towards the arctic and see the Northern Lights, shimmering veils of soft blue and green hues seemingly suspended from nothing.

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After another hour or so, the lights in the cabin will come on, and breakfast will be served, and we will start busy preparation for our arrival. These few minutes, between busy periods of preparation and action, are beautiful stolen moments, and some of my favorites. I’ve stayed awake every time I make the December journey, ever since my Grandma Astrid showed me the Northern Lights on our first trip back to Scandinavia.
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As Thanksgiving rolls to Christmas, one of the best traditions of the season is often overlooked: Advent. Advent counts the four Sundays in preparation for Christmas. In Scandinavian homes, four candles are laid out on the table, and one more is lit every Sunday. As the weeks progress, anticipation of the coming holiday builds. I can remember as a child waiting all afternoon as the sky darkened, until at dinner we could light the candles and open another door on the advent calendar. These are stolen moments, too: a few peaceful minutes of contemplations and gratitude in the midst of the busy end of the year.

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