Monday, December 14, 2015

Keepsake Ornaments!

Maileg Pixies, ready to defend your tree!

It’s not a secret that we love Christmas around here at Fjorn. The patient rituals of preparation and anticipation just feel so right as Winter comes. One of our favorite traditions is unwrapping the “special” box of ornaments for the Christmas tree. We’ve got regular decorations for the tree, too -- mirrored balls and candy canes and popcorn garlands -- but the real stars are the special ornaments.

Some were made by our kids and nieces and nephews -- often strange blobs of modelling clay painted bright colors, or macaroni-errata that is loved because we love the person who glued it together. These are hung first.

Following is the jumble that has been collected in twenty-five years of decorating our own Christmas tree -- ornaments bought at Christmas markets in snowy lands, the ones given to us as gifts by grandparents and friends, memorial ornaments, the truly odd Star Wars ornament given to us by a hardcore fan babysitter.

March on, tin soldiers!
Some we bought for ourselves because we liked the look of pressed tin ornaments one year. Others because they were simply the ugliest things we could find at the souvenir shop. Then there are the ornaments that we love because they are beautiful, or whimsical, or just fun. Together, they are probably not going to make the cut for a professional photo shoot of the perfect Christmas tree, but for us they tell a story of Christmas spent together remembering where we came from.

Check out some of our favorite ornaments at Fjorn Scandinavian -- we guarantee that you’ll find something to compliment that macaroni-monster or commemorative Lillehammer 1994 figurine.

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